Domestic and foreign cooperation

New processes and the methods of their implementation make the basic factors which are decisive for the success, position and prospects for the growth of every company operating in the highly competitive market of heavy organic synthesis. The specific character of our Company induces our development strategy which is based on cooperation and search for new options, with the involvement of our experts (Company’s internal projects), both within the domestic R&D capacity and also, or maybe it is better to say “in particular”, in contact with our proven foreign partners.

The global leaders in some individual sectors have been cooperating extensively with our branch coordinators not only in the field of trade, but they become more and more involved in utilisation of our manufacturing facilities, especially within such difficult and demanding processes like ethoxylation and quaternisation, to reach their own production objectives. Our technical equipment combined with our process-related back-up facilities, and supported by the extensive experience of our staff, make it possible for us to implement successfully even the most difficult production processes. Moreover, our continually improved quality management system (acc. to ISO 9001:2015) makes the guarantee for the quality and repeatability of our products.